Màn Hình LED P2


LED P2 RGB – LED  Display Indoor



P2 mm Indoor full color LED display


1, it is a new trend, the most innovative design;
2, a greater angle, the level of up to 140 °, vertical up to 140 °;
3, the appearance of more smooth, more high-end products;
4, can play a more clear and delicate video and pictures, bringing more shocking visual impact;
5, high-quality selection, the use of high-quality LED display chip design, with a small package, high brightness, large angle, anti-static characteristics;
6, fine quality: non-linear correction technology, image effects clear and delicate; animated vivid, diverse; video effects smooth, realistic;
7, good flatness: Our patent mask with the same color, so that the effect of the entire display is more significant.



1, high-grayscale technology: LED display with its high gray level, the screen fine in the industry have been well received;                                                                                             2, all-digital: In order to ensure accurate display screen and color fidelity, a full-digital transformation. The effect achieved the anticipated goal, has formed own unique technical characteristic;
3, brightness adjustment technology: In order to adapt to different weather, so that the display to achieve the best display, you can achieve brightness 256-level adjustment. To ensure that the entire LED display in a variety of environments can achieve the best display;
4, strong convection heat system: LED display screen work when the heat emitted is higher, in order to ensure that the entire display system in a stable state of operation, our company on the display cooling system for a thorough study, taking into account All of the flow of air, developed a set of strong convection of the heat removal system, the system more stable and reliable;
5, the media network: the LED display system as a network terminal to form a standardized interface, you can standard video signals, audio signals, the network of other devices for direct access, compatibility;
powerful broadcast software system: large-screen playback software user-friendly interface, powerful, support any brand of PC hardware and WINDOWS operating system, all software can work online, so the application software with remote control, The real realization of the computer screen to see that is obvious. Through the programming can automatically select the broadcast equipment to achieve unmanned broadcast, the following information can be achieved very good broadcast;


parameter Indoor P2 full color LED display
Pixel pitch(mm) 2
Pixel density(point/㎡) 163.840
Lamp type configuration 1R1G1B
Lamp type SMD1515
IC driver MBI5124
scanning method 1/32 Scan
Best viewing distance 2—10m
Display Angle° Horizontal 120°, vertical 120°
Brightness (cd/㎡) 1100-1800
Gray scale 16384
Refresh rate (Hz) 1600-1920
Frame rate (Hz) 60
Brightness adjustment method Manual / automatic / programmable
Module size (mm)  (L×H) 160×320
Module resolution(point) 64×128 ,
Module weight (Kg/Piece) 0.218
Standard cabinet weight (Kg/single) 6.8
Standard cabinet size(mm) 640×640
Working voltage (V) AC 220
Average power consumption (W/㎡) 370
Maximum power consumption(W/㎡) 1100
Maintenance mode Before and after maintenance
IP level IP30
Working environment ( ℃/%RH) -20 ~+50, 10~90
Storage Environment ( ℃/%RH) -40 ~+85, 10~90
Working life (H) 100.000
Note: For reference only,Welcome to inquire, The final interpretation of belonging ShenZhen-China



Power  Led ( DC 5V60A) ( AC300W-5V)

Made in china

Extra Slim Series *Universal input / Full range
*Cooling by free air convection
*100% full load burn-in test
*Protections: Short circuit/over load/Over voltage
*High efficiency, long life and High reliability
*Led voltage indicator light

* AC voltage input : 200VAC-240VAC/300W

*DC voltage Output : 5VDC-60A.
*All using long life electrolytic capacitors
*Withstand High voltage and operating temperature
*Withstand 290VAC surge input for 5 seconds
*With stable output ripple

G-Energry Power



Linsn Control system Card : TS802D LED Sending Card

Video input

communication mehtod internet
DVI, Composite video, RGE, VGA,S-Video
Brightness control Program control or manual control available
Gamma correction Yes
5V, 2A
Can put inside the PC by PCI slot, or put outside the PC by adding a 5V power supply.
One card can max support 2048(width)*640(height) pixels (with U and D outputs).
One card with one network cable output can support 1600*400 or 2048*320 pixels.
Model 802 has the audio data transmission function. To apply TS802’s audio function, a function board is needed.
Its dip switch can realize max four cards cascaded, to meed a larger resolution needs.
Linsn DS802 is double-color sender, can control real pixel, virtual pixel, double color and single color display.

To support a control send a card with multiple screens can be any combination of the working status of the multi-block-screen synchronized display, independent play, etc. through shortcut keys to quickly switch.
256 automatically adjust the brightness
256 automatic brightness adjustment feature lets you display brightness adjustment is more effective.
Program online upgrade feature
If the display card receiving procedures need to upgrade, simply open the power of large screen LED Studio can upgrade process, do not need to receive the card demolition away from the big screen can be upgraded.
To break through the traditional concept of the DIP switch
DIP switch design, all settings are set via the computer.
Test function
Receiver card integration test, then do not send cards to test the display, slash, gray, red, green, blue, full brightness, etc. a variety of test mode.

Long transmission distance:
Transmission up to 170 meters (measured) to ensure the transmission of 140 meters.

     Card TS802 LED Sending Card













Linsn RV908 LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV908 LED Receiving Card

RV908 is designed for standardized led display products, DO NOT NEED LED Hub Card,The functionality is fully compatible with the RV801D led receiving card, the same size, equial to the RV801 plus HUB75 hub card. it can work with TS802 led sending card.

1.It has 12 pcs HUB75 of 16P interface,Hub card is no need anymore.
2.support 12-bit color HDMI inputs (need to send cards with nine generations)
3.using 18 signal processors, maximum support RGB each 18 (260,000) gray
4.single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels, 1,024 single-point color correction
5.supports single-card color space conversion
6.Support configuration file readback
7.support program to copy
8.hot backup support dual receiver card for demanding performances Screen
9.support pixel fault detection (to be supported by a dedicated chip)
10.Support the network cable BERT
11.Support for cable fault detection
12.support cabinet door switch monitoring
13.Two fan speed monitoring
14.three-way voltage monitor, all the way for the system, two external power supply box
15.temperature monitoring
16.Humidity Monitor (need humidity sensor)
17.Smoke Monitor (need smoke module)
18.CE-EMC standards in line with EU


Made in china   :  SHENZHEN VDWALL CO.,LTD




1.10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing

2.New Faroudja® Real Color®  processor

3.Faroudja® TureLife™ Video Enhancer

4.Seamless switch , fade in fade out, blend.

5.Frame synchronous technology, no miss alignment or delay

6.PIP/PBP display in any size and in any place

7.3 custom PIP/POP display modes, which can be switched by pressing one button

8.User define DVI EDID to realize point-to -point display.

9.User define output format to reach maximal horizontal width 3840 or vertical height 1920.

10.2 channels can be configured to connect external stereo audio, plus HDMI and SDI audio, there are 4-channel audio for synchronous switch

11.2 LED Transmission Cards Built-in ability (sending cards are optional)






Nums/type 1×VGA(RGBHV),2×DVI
DVI format 1024×768_60/75Hz,1080×1920_60 Hz,1200×1600_60 Hz,1280×1024_60/75Hz

1366×768_60Hz,1440×900_60Hz,1536×1536_60 Hz,1600×1200_60Hz

1920×1080_50/60Hz ,1920×1200_60 Hz,2048×1152_60Hz,2304×1152_60Hz


VGA scope/impedance R、G、B = 0.7 V(p_p)/ 75Ω
Output ports VGA OUT:15pin D_Sub ,DVI OUT1:24+5 DVI_D, DVI OUT2:24+1 DVI_D
control Panel button or pc software
Input voltage 100-240V~  50/60Hz
power ≤20W
temperature 5-40 ℃
humidity 15-85%
Size(packing) 145mm(height)×370mm(width)×535mm(length)
Weight(kg) Gross weight:5.0Kg, Net weight:3.2Kg


Conection Led Display



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